• Build your bath

    One of the oldest and most valuable wood for building saunas considered to be osina. Pravda today hardly anyone builds a bath, but, given the old Russian tradition, it is safe to say that the real Russian sauna should be constructed from the bound osiny. Esli you decide to build a bath of aspen, then rest assured you made the right vybor. Takaya room is aesthetically pleasing and safe and has the best consumer characteristics, such as water repellency and resistance to steam and the temperature difference. Aspen does not crack under strong shock temperatures. Aspen is also virtually does not decay and damaged various mikroorganizmami. Esli while you spend a good preservative log, then the room will serve you for many years, and thus will not need to be repaired. And another great feature of aspen – a positive energy that helps to relieve stress and gives people peace and zdorove. Esli you can not build a log cabin in aspen, then pay attention to the inner lining of the walls of aspen lining. This is the most popular type of cladding for the pair, since it does not crack under high temperatures, resistant to shock and at the same time, a very water-resistant, perfectly preserves its original beauty, does not darken on exposure to water over time. Aspen is very beneficial effect on health. Thanks to her, after taking bath, you can get rid of diseases such as rheumatism, bronchitis, or inflammation of the legkih. Steny covered with aspen paneling have low thermal conductivity, so that you do not get burned by touching them. After oblitsuete wall paneling, do not forget them carefully zashkurit. Esli you decide to do in aspen log cabin sauna, then pay attention to the quality of the material, as well as the time when this material was procured. The best time of year for harvesting of timber for construction is summer and spring, because at this time in aspen increased sap flow. The tree should be well dried, then it will be incredibly strong and durable. Ensure that during construction the builder must log house covered with antiseptic rastvorom.Ne try to save as a material for construction, and then your bath will last you a long gody.Na your production is metal bending and bending of steel? Our company offers for sale an innovative rolling equipment such as plate bending machine, press brake-quality, high-rolling machines, press brake, and hand-cutting machine, guillotine, by which the manufacture of castings will be an easy process.



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